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Guided Weight Loss and Nutrition

guided weight loss and nutrition stamford ctOur dynamic duo team of dietician and weight loss expert, Melissa Love and medical director, Dr Richard Koffler are your secret weapon to finally dropping the excess weight to achieve the body size you’ve always wanted.

Losing weight takes courage and is fraught with a complexity of feelings. After all, at the end of the day, it’s not so much what you’re eating but what’s eating you. Notwithstanding, our dietician’s low carb protocol is different than any other “diet” “out there” as she tackles all the factors that have contributed to the patient gaining the weight in the first place.

Weight loss is such a multi-prong process and after obtaining your lab work our team does an assessment of your health and body’s mechanisms that control it.(One’s hormones, adipose cellularity, endocrine function, energy metabolism, homeostatic feedback system designed to regulate body weight,etc). Our team will also glean information from conducting a comprehensive health history; for example to find out if there’s metabolic consequences (or damage) due to the patients history of crash dieting, under-eating and rapid weight loss. The patient’s stress level, sleep, or lack thereof (which is critical to repair the body’s tissue) insufficient hormone levels and adipocyte signaling are some other areas that could derail one’s best weight loss efforts, which our dietician and lead physician, a brilliant integrative doctor (whom she works side by side with) addresses, and corrects.

Depending on the patient’s Hemoglobin AIC results, the patient may need to – under our guidance – restore insulin sensitivity, decrease insulin resistance and balance out glucose levels. They’ll discover whether you’re deficient in any vitamins/minerals that could result in serious cravings and a ravenous appetite. In fact, our brain’s appetite center has receptor’s that know if we are deficient on key nutrients like iron, vitamin D, or B vitamins. If we are deficient, our appetite center get’s turned on and we’ll eat more.

Often, the cravings are excessive, relentless, and irresistible, especially for high caloric/carb foods that cause weight gain and leptin resistance (which is another hormone) and In fact, the master regulator of appetite. Again, all this is correctable.

Our dietician and doctor will also check your thyroid levels, particularly your free T3, which is the feel good hormone, the lose weight hormone which you want to be in the upper range, in order for your metabolism to hum along at a nice pace. They check your cortisol levels to see if your stress level is stimulating the production of glucose, which is exactly what we want to avoid on a low carb protocol. Your leptin levels will indicate whether you are storing fat or burning it as fuel. Are you constantly exhausted and fatigued? Again, missing nutrients slows the metabolism and compromise our body’s chemistry. A nutrient rich diet builds muscle and bone, creates energy, burns sugar and fat and keeps your mood normal and sanguine.

Finally, after exploring your health history, labs, and everything else discussed herein, our dietician will take you through the low-carb protocol, and customize your weekly menu, find out your BMI, BMR, hydration level, muscle mass, visceral fat level, etc. Your body measurements and weight will be carefully recorded to provide a baseline in order to measure all future progress.

Our dietician will also explain the rationale of a significant carbohydrate restriction and that (in response to lower glucose availability) changes in insulin and glucagon concentrations will direct the body towards fat oxidation and shift metabolism from glucocentric (glucose) to adipocentric (ketone bodies)

In fact, you’ll be able to tell our team when you enter “ketosis”, which has an extremely positive effect on hormone (blood sugar)regulation. In other words, glucose drives insulin drives fat, and in the absence of glucose, your body creates ketones, that it uses for fuel instead of glucose. Anyway–you’ll learn all about this and how your body will become a fat burning machine!!!

In closing, you will see how you’ll never be hungry and how (as counterintuitive as it seems) that the more you eat on a regular basis the more you’ll lose. It’s amazing that it never fails that every time you cut your calories, your metabolism slows to a crawl. So eat more to lose more is our motto.

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