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Vitamins and supplements are part of the daily, healthy lifestyle of many residents of NY, NJ and Ct (and surrounding areas of the northeastern United States), and the anti-aging physicians of Vivacity Life Center can educate you on achieving the highest benefits from them and explaining which are right and wrong for you.

Unless adults – both men and woman – are painstakingly meticulous about what they eat, very few people maintain what would be considered a truly well balanced diet. Even if a person is careful to eat only what are perceived as healthy foods, they still might not gain the right amount of essential vitamins and minerals. Men and women also need to take in the appropriate amount of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and other micronutrients. These are things that cannot simply be recuperated with a standard multi-vitamin.

How an Unbalanced Diet Can Hurt Aging Men and Women

Many people go about life maintaining diets that are far less than perfectly balanced, but it does not seem to immediately pose a threat to their health. While utilizing an unbalanced diet might not cause a person’s health to deteriorate instantly, it certainly can catch up with individuals. As people age, they gain more and more of a dependence on these essential micronutrients. If a person is stuck in a mode where they eat foods that rob them of essential vitamins and minerals, it will certainly affect their health.

The right nutrients become of utmost importance in situations such as illness, surgery, and aging in order to help an individual maintain good health. As with hormone therapy, introducing the appropriate micronutrients to the body will help it perform at peak levels for a longer period of time. These measures will also help hold off the negative effects of aging.

The physicians at Vivacity Life Center understand the big picture in terms of giving the body what it needs. They combine hormone replacement with the right vitamins and supplements to give the body everything it needs to operate in a healthy fashion. Throwing in proper diet and an exercise regimen can make a man or woman the epitome of health and vitality. No anti-aging program is complete without the proper nutrition, diet, and exercise to enhance the overall experience.

The Body Does Not Produce Some Important Vitamins

Many vitamins are essential to the human body but are not produced naturally by the body. To get the greatly needed doses of these vitamins, a person must rely on their diet. When a diet fails to deliver the right amount of these vitamins, and it usually always will, adding them through a supplement is the only answer.

These vitamins dictate very important functions within the body, leaving one to face dire consequences when the body does not receive an adequate amount. For example, Vitamin A helps everything from vision to the growth and development of red blood cells. Vitamin C helps support growth and repair of the body’s tissues.

These important vitamins should be in the body in different proportions based on how old a person is, among other medical factors. The physicians at Vivacity Life Center are able to decipher the correct dosage, so a patient’s body does not have to struggle without these important vitamins.

Gaining the Right Vitamins and Minerals with Vivacity Life Center

Finding a qualified doctor or physician to aid in this process is essential, and Vivacity Life Center’s physicians have years of experience accessing an individual’s nutritional needs and prescribing the appropriate doses of vitamins and supplements. With Vivacity Life Center, patients know they are getting the right prescription for vitamins and supplements because it is all based on a thorough health examination.

Our physicians will arrange a one-on-one consultation with patients and, together, review the patient’s complete blood panel. From there, our physicians will be able to highlight which vitamins and supplements may be beneficial to that individual and in what doses. Vivacity Life Center physicians also carefully monitor which vitamins and micronutrients the body absorbs, adjusting dosages and delivery methods accordingly along the way.

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