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Growth Hormone Therapy – is Sermorelin the fountain of youth?


There is no escaping the effects of aging on your body, whether it’s a decrease in energy or increase in aches and pains or any other unwanted signs of aging such as excess weight gain or drop in libido and sexual performance. Sermorelin Therapy, offered to the residents of NY, NJ and Ct (and surrounding areas of the northeastern United States including Long Island of course) by the physicians of Vivacity Life Center, can help with those aging symptoms and many others.

Research has shown that up to 75% of the ailments, aches, pains, limitations, decreased energy levels and loss of vitality associated with aging are preventable! And Sermorelin therapy is the answer!

The pituitary gland, which is located in the brain, is what determines how much human growth hormone is released into the human body. As we age, the pituitary gradually slows down this process, which brings about the common signs of aging – hair loss, decreased strength, and energy and so forth. Human growth hormone is just one of a long list of hormones that begin to decrease in the body as we age. Maintaining sufficient levels of human growth hormone allows men and women to hold onto their signs of youth longer.

The pituitary gland usually secretes enough growth hormone until an individual reaches their late 30s or into their 40s. After that, required human growth hormone production in men and women drops and only medical treatments can bring those levels back to where you can feel good again.

Our physicians at Vivacity Life Center offer a growth hormone therapy treatment – known as Sermorelin – which will help an individual’s body produce the crucial growth hormone they’re lacking. This is a therapy which we specialize in that has essentially become known as a medical miracle and the fountain of youth.

Sermorelin Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone (GH-RH) therapy targets the source of hormone production – the pituitary gland – and prompts it to continue naturally releasing sufficient amounts of growth hormone to stave off the negative effects of aging. This treatment essentially turns back the hands of time to transform an aging individual into his or her more youthful self.

Sermorelin Acetate GH-RH

Sermorelin Acetate GH-RH is a natural-occurring substance in the brain that stimulates the pituitary sermorelin human growth hormone therapy ct nj nygland and prompts it to release a sufficient amount of growth hormone to the rest of the body. Growth hormone then causes the production of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) within the liver. As a person ages, the amount of Sermorelin Acetate Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone begins to decrease, causing the pituitary gland to secrete less growth hormone to the body. Because growth hormone is so important to the overall health of the body, when levels start to plummet, the individual’s health begins to fail.

This is why many doctors will issue prescription Sermorelin Acetate GH-RH. With this injectable remedy, the Sermorelin Acetate GH-RH naturally stimulates the pituitary gland, which is led to produce more growth hormone. Growth hormone is then distributed around the body. With the increased IGF-1, an aging individual will see positive and relatively instant results. Sermorelin Acetate GH-RH has been approved for medical use and is safer, cheaper, and arguably more effective than straight Human Growth Hormone injections.

Please be clear about this – many professional athletes have gotten into trouble over the past 10 or so years for taking injections of growth hormone. Straight human growth hormone is illegal dope. Sermorelin Acetate GH-RH stimulates natural growth hormone production and is a medical therapy; natural, legal and very effective!

Sermorelin Acetate GH-RH Is Natural and Effective

Most often, aging individuals going through Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD) have turned to traditional Human Growth Hormone therapy – such as Recombinant Human Growth Hormone (RHGH) – to reverse the effects of aging. With the medical breakthrough of Sermorelin Acetate GH-RH, developed in 1998, RHGH treatments, which are still illegal in many instances, may be an obsolete method.

The main reason Sermorelin Acetate GH-RH is a superior method to RHGH therapy is that it naturally produces the increased amount of growth hormone in the body. By stimulating the pituitary gland to produce the hormone, Sermorelin Acetate GH-RH allows the human body to do the work on its own. The body takes over and regulates the level of the hormone. The pituitary gland will not allow more growth hormone to enter the body than the endocrine system can handle. With recombinant human growth hormone, individuals generally experience side effects from too much or too little growth hormone in their system.

What is The Biological Process of Sermorelin Acetate GH-RH Therapy?

By stimulating the pituitary gland to prompt growth hormone production, Sermorelin Acetate GH-RH therapy triggers a complex reaction in the body. The additional growth hormone allows the liver to produce more IGF-1 and release it into the bloodstream. This IGF-1 plays a substantial role in renewing youth by producing new cells in the body’s organs and bones. This process has a dramatically positive effect on the body, from giving bones superior density to strengthening the heart.

Sermorelin Acetate GH-RH therapy was specifically approved for medical use in children who had insufficient amounts of growth hormone. Without enough growth hormone, their bodies would be unable to grow and mature into healthy adults. The children would also likely be in poor health and run the risk of premature death.

Sermorelin Acetate GH-RH is also used in adults to naturally increase human growth hormone and subsequent levels of IGF-1. It can legally be prescribed to adults for unlabeled use.

When Should Patients Turn to Sermorelin Acetate GH-RH Therapy?

If you experience some of the following symptoms, then you will want to consult with Vivacity Life Center to combat these aging related problems:

  • Loss of energy
  • Decreased sex drive and low libido
  • Loss of muscle strength and mass
  • Thinning or loss of hair
  • Increased cholesterol
  • Weight gain

What are the Benefits of Sermorelin Acetate GH-RH Therapy?

While this method of replenishing the body’s natural level of growth hormone has the general effect of helping to feel more youthful, some of the more specific benefits that patients can expect to see are as follows:

  • Decreases the amount of time it takes to heal from an injury or wound
  • Strengthens the immune system and heart
  • Creates new muscle cells, allowing an individual to stay lean
  • Increases both strength and energy
  • Increases growth in all of the body’s major organs, except the brain
  • Allows for better sleep

Receive This Amazing Treatment at Vivacity Life Center

Sermorelin Acetate GH-RH is often administered via injection by a physician. However, patients can also inject the agent into themselves at home. For self-injection, patients are encouraged to practice proper safety methods.

Sermorelin Acetate GH-RH therapy is truly the most effective and cost-efficient method of regaining youth.

If you live in NY-NJ-CT tri-state area and are interested in the benefits of higher Growth Hormone levels without the side effects, contact us today to find out if Sermorelin therapy is right for you.


How does Sermorelin come?

Sermorelin is presented in a multi-dosed, injectable vial. Each vial contains a powder disc which contains 15mg (15,000 micrograms) of lyophilized Sermorelin Acetate. The vial is vacuum sealed by the pharmacy for your protection and for the preservation of the hormone peptide. Each Sermorelin vial also comes with a bottle of Bacteriostatic Water as a diluent. The Bacteriostatic Water is mixed with the Sermorelin to provide the solution for injection. Administration and storage instructions will be provided with your prescription.

How do I take Sermorelin?

Sermorelin is injected into the body fat, subcutaneously, using a very small needle similar to what a diabetic uses to inject insulin. Injections are initially prescribed for every day and are decreased in frequency over time.

When do I take Sermorelin?

The best time to take Sermorelin is prior to bedtime. Growth Hormone is primarily released during sleep and most beneficial to the body’s recovery and repair during this time. Sermorelin has a promoting effect on sleep and can therefore make you tired if taken during the day.

How do you measure the effectiveness of Sermorelin?

Due to the pulsatile nature of both endogenous growth hormone and IGF-1, a single blood draw is not sufficient for accurate measurement. Most physicians who prescribe Sermorelin and similar peptides measure effectiveness in patients through symptomology (the study of your symptoms); physical appearance and measurements; and more frequent blood analysis.

How will I know it’s working?

Studies of patients taking Sermorelin have shown improved sleep within the first few weeks of therapy. Of course, this is only noticed in patients who have trouble sleeping in the first place, however most patients at least notice an increase in sleep quality. This is usually concurrent with increased energy levels and improved mood.

After 3-6 months of therapy patients start reporting noticeable or significant body changes, such as increase in muscle tone and a leaner physique. Over time patients will also notice a significant improvement in skin tone and health.

How long does it take to work?

Just like most peptide hormones, Sermorelin usually has a “loading” period of 3-6 months before full effects are noticed. Once injected, both Sermorelin and growth hormone are eliminated from the body very quickly and therefore need to be injected frequently. Its actions are dependent on a chain reaction of biological processes which result in elevated and sustained growth hormone and growth factors. It takes some time for levels to become optimal and initiate the benefits we are seeking to achieve.

Do I need to take Sermorelin forever to keep seeing results?

Actually, no,  Sermorelin has an ongoing effect in which optimal growth hormone levels can be sustained long after the last injection. Just like synthetic growth hormone, Sermorelin initially must be injected every day. Unlike synthetic growth hormone, once optimal levels are sustained with Sermorelin injection frequencies can be decreased or stopped altogether. Once results are achieved, patients are then switched to a maintenance protocol eliminating the need for ongoing daily injections and reducing the total cost of therapy!