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Guided Weight Loss and Nutrition by Melissa Love

guided-diet-weight-loss-nutrition-expert-melissa-loveMelissa Love is an NYU psychology graduate who did her post grad studies at CSUN, Northridge, California in food studies, nutrition and dietetics. She is also certified as a nutrition and weight loss expert through the American Fitness Professionals Association and the Institute For Integrative Nutrition. Additionally, she has successfully completed the level II and III advanced training module developed in accordance with Ideal Protein’s methodology and ideology as part of the Ideal Protein continuing education program for 2014.

Using a weight loss protocol that she had formulated and had worked for her own diet and weight loss needs, she has made it her life’s mission to “pay it forward”. Her thriving private practice runs the gamut from obesity related issues, compulsive emotional eating and self-medicating with food, to stubborn plateau frustration, and sugar addiction. She treats the interplay of behavioral, psychological, medical, and nutritional components to create long-term success with weight loss.

Melissa has recently partnered with Vivacity Life Center, a physician owned, state of the art, medical health and wellness spa, and named “Director of Nutrition and Weight Loss”. She now splits her time between her Fairfield, Ct location and Vivacity’s Stamford address. At Vivacity, Melissa works side by side with integrative physician, Dr. Richard Koffler and together they work with patients battling the gamut of hormonal imbalances that are preventing them from losing weight. Melissa and Dr Koffler are very pro-active in reversing type 2 Diabetes, insulin resistance, leptin resistance, and treat hypothyroidism, as well as a multitude of other hormonal issues that are wreaking havoc on their patients lives. Melissa is well-versed in a wide range of prescription medications to manage a variety of health conditions, including appetite suppressants (if obesity issues are threatening the patients very life) and recommends to the Dr accordingly. Notwithstanding, her personalized low-carb, metabolic-enhancing protocol alone guarantees rapid weight loss and her success rate is staggering. “50% percent of my program is maintenance for life” as I am only successful when my patients are at goal weight, 1,5,10 years out”.

Her last name is Love which happens to be extraordinarily appropriate. Nothing satisfies Melissa more than to see the positive results enjoyed by her clients. Melissa genuinely loves her clients and you will love working with her on achieving your weight loss goals. To speak with Melissa or to arrange a consultation with her, please call the office at 203-614-8600.

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