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How Does Dysport Work?

dysport botox injectable cosmetics ct ny njWhenever your face makes a movement—you smile, squint or frown for instance—your facial muscles contract and the skin over those muscles creases. These are called dynamic wrinkles because they disappear when the facial movements stop. As you age and your skin loses its elasticity, those creases deepen into static, or permanent, lines and wrinkles. Dysport is injected directly into the muscles that cause facial wrinkles, temporarily immobilizing them. It specifically targets the glabullar muscles – the ones that form creases on your forehead when you frown.

Dysport diffuses a bit farther from the injection point than Botox: one to three centimeters compared to Botox’s one centimeter. This means that fewer injections are needed, but it also means that the health professional doing the injections must be very skilled to ensure that the drug does not spread to nearby muscles and cause eyelid and or eyebrow drooping or other unwanted side effects.

We’re guessing that wrinkles are something you’d rather live without but on the other hand, that “frozen face” look is something you can do without as well. For those discerning men and women who want a natural look, there’s Dysport, an injectable cosmetic medically proven to smooth the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows without changing the look or movement of the rest of your face. Muscles in the face not treated with Dysport injections will still work normally, so you can continue to use your facial expresions naturally. It’s those pesky, unwanted lines that will disappear, NOT the facial expressions that make you unique.

And because the Dysport injectable cosmetic delivers the natural-looking results people are looking for, most every user of the product say they would definitely do it again. And Dysport is approved in the USA and has a track record of 25 years of clinical experience worldwide. Find out more about Dysport now, call our office at 203-614-8600 for a free consultation.