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Concierge Medicine

Vivacity Life Center’s Concierge Medical Services provide a new approach to the practice of medicine. The old way finds many PCP’s with such a huge patient load that individualized care feels almost non-existant, much less focus on preventative care, nutrition, or lifestyle coaching.

Now, more and more people are empowering themselves to take responsibility for their own health care, focusing on wellness and prevention through a professional office like ours that offers these types of services:

  1. No time limits with medical staff
  2. Convenient appointment times
  3. Weekend phone consultations available
  4. Monitored wellness programs
  5. Custom anti-aging and rejuvenation medicine
  6. Monitored weight loss programs
  7. Food allergy testing and solutions
  8. Coordinated referrals and prescription management
  9. Tele-medicine available when travelling
  10. Cost-effective lab testing available throughout the USA.

Vivacity Life Center provides these services with an emphasis on quality, communication and ensuring patient privacy.