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Richard Carl Koffler, MD

bio-identical hormone replacement therapy dr doctor ny-nj-ctDr. Richard Koffler is the Medical Director for Vivacity Life Center located in downtown Stamford, Connecticut. As a physiatrist and integrative medical practitioner, the advice he gives his patients on health and wellness, he applies to his own life. He practices transcendental meditation as well as follow a diet and exercise regimen as a foundation for optimal health.

Upon completing his residencies, Dr. Koffler came to the realization that most, if not all, disease states are a consequence of what has been brewing underneath, are multifactorial and outside of trauma most of what ails us starts in the emotional state (i.e., how you handle and perceive life). You are what you think and you are what you eat. Therefore, Dr. Koffler began to look at the importance of diet, exercise and mental status on overall well-being.

It is his philosophy that to be a caring physician, you must see the patient as an individual, empathize with them and treat them as a whole.

Dr Koffler tries to integrate Western as well as alternative / complementary approaches to whole health through the appropriate balance of nutrition, exercise and acupuncture for the purpose of addressing issues such as stress, fatigue, anti-aging, musculoskeletal and nerve related problems.

He treat patients the way he would like to be treated. What ails one person may not have the same root cause as someone else although his or her symptoms may appear similar. That is primary reason Dr Koffler spends the time getting to know the concerns and issues a patient may have. The current allopathic medical model tends to pigeonhole symptoms into a diagnosis that is convenient and then forces it to fit into the insurance model of one-diagnosis fits all with a generic pill or two to fix it.

Contrary to that model, Dr Koffler will listen to the patient, ask the pertinent questions and educate them on their condition. He then will create a health plan with the patient that educates and empowers. When necessary, he will work with other quality, alternative as well as conventional practitioners that he can trust to make sure the patient receives what they need in order to heal.

Dr Koffler wants patients to see him as a resource in empowering them to obtain and maintain optimal health. This is why he is continually furthering his education in Nutrition, Age Management Medicine, Functional Medicine and Mind-Body Wellness.

Dr Koffler’s Education and Affiliations


Dr. Richard Koffler, MD
Board Certified Physiatrist
(Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)
Certified Acupuncturist

1993, Tel Aviv University,
Sackler School of Medicine

Internship in Internal Medicine
Roosevelt Hospital, NYC

Residency in Physical Medicine
& Rehabilitation
NYU Hospital Center, Rusk Institute

UCLA, Helms Medical Institute,

Dr Susana Querido, MD

hormone replacement therapy female doctor dr susana querido stamford ctDr. Querido practices anti-aging and preventive medicine at Vivacity Life Center, alongside Medical Director, Dr. Richard Koffler, where she helps women and men suffering from the discomforts of hormone imbalance achieve a better and healthier life. Using individual, customized wellness programs tailored to address each patient’s individual needs, Dr. Querido combines customized nutrition plans, pharmaceutical-grade supplements, weight management strategies and hormone replacement therapy to ensure her patients enjoy improved energy, restore mental clarity and achieve the highest quality of life possible.

Family Medicine is Dr. Querido’s foundation and she incorporates it into Anti-Aging, Regenerative & Functional Medicine which offers patients the best of both worlds. Bioidentical hormone treatment therapy is no longer a secret weapon in the anti-aging war. The use of the treatments has gained world-popularity and scientific recognition. For over five years, she has been employing her best in class medical practices to attend to and treat both men and women with her customized Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) treatments. Dr. Querido only uses “Bioidentical Hormone Replacement” treatments. Hormone Replacement is an evidence-based medical specialty.

Depending on which hormones are used to treat each condition, Dr. Querido personally customizes each and every treatment plan which can help manage symptoms ranging from stress & anxiety, help you regain a better sex life, and restore your sense of vitality and enthusiasm for life. Side effects from hormone replacement therapy tend to include fresher more beautiful skin, a better physique and a lot more unsolicited compliments. Along with bioidentical hormone therapy, Dr. Querido specializes in weight management issues that many of her patients are facing. She believes it is imperative to address all factors affecting a patient’s health – from hormone imbalance to weight gain to low energy levels – with a tailored, comprehensive treatment plan that will ensure health, happiness and quality of life for each patient. Dr. Querido dedicates her practice to helping patients achieve optimal health and wellness through customized wellness programs, with emphasis in the prevention of disease and encouraging optimal overall health designed to meet the individual needs of each patient. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and has been on a constant quest for healthier life-style as well to ensure that each and every patient can enjoy living life to the fullest.

Dr. Susana Querido is a graduate of University of Lisbon Medical School and subsequently completed her residency in Family Medicine in North Shore LIJ System. She holds three Board Certifications in Family Medicine, Aesthetic Medicine as well as Anti-Aging and Regenerative & Functional Medicine. Dr. Querido has fellowship training in Anti-Aging, Regenerative & Functional Medicine. She is currently enrolled in the Medical Master in Metabolism and Nutrition through the University of South Florida. She specializes in aesthetic medicine and is certified in BOTOX Cosmetics, Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, dermal fillers and plasma rich plate (PRP). She is an active member of American Academy of Family Medicine, Anti-Aging, Regenerative & Functional Medicine, American Academy of Aesthetics Medicine and “Ordem dos Medicos” of Portugal as well as fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and conversant in Italian.

American academy board world of anti-aging regenerative medicine health practitioner


Melissa Love, Director of Weight Loss and Nutrition

weight loss and nutrition expert melissa loveMelissa Love is an NYU psychology graduate who did her post grad studies at CSUN, Northridge, California in food studies, nutrition and dietetics. She is also certified as a nutrition and weight loss expert through the American Fitness Professionals Association and the Institute For Integrative Nutrition. Additionally, she has successfully completed the level II and III advanced training module developed in accordance with Ideal Protein’s methodology and ideology as part of the Ideal Protein continuing education program for 2014.

As a former successful television comedy actress, Melissa learned the price of being overweight in a business that demands body perfection, when she landed a regular role on a television series playing an overweight character. Determined to redefine the course of her career and transform the state of her health, she immersed herself in the area of nutritional science and emerged 40 pounds lighter, in ketogenic bliss. In fact, this fairly novel low-carb protocol that she designed for herself was just gaining popularity at the time with the release of Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution. (100 billion dollars later, she was just a little too late)

26 years later, she has maintained a slim 118 pounds by being able to “walk the talk”, and as a “former fat girl” she’s committed to “paying it forward.” Her expertise runs the gamut from dealing with obesity, compulsive emotional over – eating and self-medicating with food, to stubborn plateau frustration, and sugar addiction. She treats the interplay of behavioral, psychological, medical, and nutritional components to create long-term success with weight loss.

Please visit Melissa’s professional web site at

Daniel Herzner, Patient Care Coordinator

hormone replacement therapy hrt low to patient care coordinator advocateDan is your advocate. His responsibility is to orient and educate patients on the services and therapies as recommended by the physicians at Vivacity Life Center. His roll also includes initiating the patient care plan; providing educational information in conjunction with direct care providers related to treatments, procedures, medications, and continuing care requirements.

Dan will help you to develop your personal care plan by coordinating information and care requirements. He will also ensure smooth care progression and will provide education and support regarding the case management process.

Dan will monitor delivery of care through follow-up with both the patient and the pharmacies providing therapy. Monitoring also includes identifying progress toward desired care outcomes; intervening to overcome deviations in the expected plan of care; reviewing the care plan with patients in conjunction with the direct care providers; interacting with involved departments to negotiate and expedite scheduling and completion of tests, procedures, and consults.

Dan will also suggest and educate patients on additional therapies that may prove beneficial to the patient’s desired health goals.

Dan will proactively follow-up with patients via phone and email and will always be available to patients to answer inquiries and provide support whenever needed.

Michael Mase, RN

anti-aging clinic stamford ct nurse mike maseNurse Mike is a veteran of the medi-spa industry with many, many years experience with injectable cosmetics and IV drip administration. When coming to our office to meet with Mike, you will receive a very comprehensive and thoughtful initial consultation where Mike will assess your current appearance, discuss in detail with you what you wish to accomplish on your visit and direct and advise you accordingly.

Mike lives a very healthy and active lifestyle – he is a huge advocate of healthy living, healthy eating and exercise. We’re privileged to have Mike as a member of our team and we know that once you have the chance to meet with him and work with him you will be back again and again.


Michaela Hastings, Assistant Director of Nutrition

hormone replacement therapy hrt nutritionMichaela Hastings is the Assistant Director of Nutrition here at Vivacity Life Center of Stamford, Connecticut and practices alongside the top leading doctors in the field of standard and alternative medicine. Within her practice, she expertly manages her patients with weight loss and a large variety of health complaints. Michaela frequently lectures at public events, colleges, health food stores and fitness centers.

Michaela has been working in the health industry for six years. Personalized health is the drive behind Michaela’s passion for nutrition. She holds a variety of specialties in this field including: a Bachelor’s of Science in Heath Promotion Studies from Western Connecticut State University, a board certification in clinical nutrition and a certification in health and fitness; she is certified as a personal trainer by the American Counsel on Exercise and as a holistic health coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

About four years ago, while Michaela was studying holistic health, she became ill with Lyme disease. At that time, she realized that her conventional way of eating such as a diet high in processed foods was no longer serving her and if she wanted to feel better, she would need to change. Michaela learned to cook with whole and healthy foods. She changed up her workouts and began to practice meditation. Four years later, she has never felt better.

What sets Michaela’s coaching apart from other nutritionists is her holistic approach of bio-individuality. She encourages her clients to not only focus on eating a diet high in whole foods the way nature intended, but also by listening to their bodies to find the diet that is perfect for their bodies. This means that she doesn’t do meal plans, demand juice cleanses and other depriving diets. She is here to give you the tools to determine what works for you.

However, her approach goes further with a heavy emphasis on stress management as most people can agree that there is way more to nutrition than just food. Using this approach leaves clients feeling less stressed about food making it easier to make healthy choices and save their energy for other important parts of their lives such as their career, relationships and physical activity.

Michaela provides evidence-based dietary, vitamin, mineral and exercise recommendations tailored specifically to her patient’s health needs. “Every individual is unique therefore each and every approach must be exclusive”.

Vivacity offers several programs and you can meet Michaela either in person, via skype or telephone. If you’d like more information, please call 203-614-8600 to set up your complimentary consultation.

Chris Muflahi, Fitness Professional

hormone replacement therapy hrt personal trainer fitness expertOur fitness trainer, Chris Muflahi, has twelve years as a fitness professional. He is NASM certified, a Holistic Health Counselor and Lifestyle Coach, CHEK Practitioner Level 2 specializing in corrective exercises to bring the body back in to balance, as well as core strengthening and exercises that will assist clients in becoming stronger with more in endurance specific to their lifestyle needs and desires. He is a three times Golden Gloves champion boxing instructor and specializes in golf conditioning for individuals or groups. Many people don’t realize the dangers the golf swing has on the body. Proper strength and flexibility are required in specific muscle groups to ensure a fluid swing that does not end up shredding joints. Chris has a deep passion for all aspects of holistic health and believes in a well-rounded approach to health, which requires mental, physical, spiritual and emotional balance. He also believes that health begins from the inside out and that you become healthy in order to lose weight as opposed to losing weight to become healthy.

With the help of Chris Muflahi, we at Vivacity have designed a meal and fitness plan to get you into the body you have been living for. Our diet and fitness packages are fully customized to your body type, gender, fitness goals, and lifestyle and current condition. Chris says, “Just give me your dedication and with my program you will be in the best shape of your life!”

For your convenience, you will receive the following programs in spreadsheet format, so that you can follow them with ease. Our meal plans are very detailed with supplements, foods, portions and timing and training regimens that come assigned with specific exercises, sets, intensity levels and a cardio regimen for your body type.

Vivacity offers several programs and you can meet Chris either in person, via skype or telephone. If you’d like more information, you can call (203)614-8600 to set up your complimentary consultation.